Oil and gas production ETF paces for best quarter on record, but traders say it’s still a ‘show-me story”

By | June 10th, 2020|From the CEO, Oil, Shale|

Gina joins the Trading Nation team by phone from London to talk about the oil and gas production. The SPDR S&P [...]

Trading Nation: Time to buy energy Stocks?

By | September 28th, 2017|Energy, From the CEO, International, Oil, S&P, Stocks|

The energy sector is booming. Is it time to buy? Erin Gibbs of S&P Global and Gina Sanchez, CEO of [...]

Squawk Box: Tech stocks ‘poster children’ for growth stocks, asset manager says

By | September 25th, 2017|Energy, From the CEO, Oil, Shale, Tech Stocks, Valuation|

High valuations are normal at the front of a recovery but negative earnings revisions should concern investors, Gina Sanchez, CEO [...]

Squawk Box Europe: Oil prices slide into bear market territory.

By | June 20th, 2017|From the CEO, International, Markets, Oil, Shale|

Chantico Global CEO Gina Sanchez takes a look at the recent moves in oil, with comment on the OPEC, non-OPEC [...]

Trading Nation: Time to play for an oil turnaround?

By | May 16th, 2017|Energy, From the CEO, Oil, Shale|

The worst performing big  ETF performers, which there have been very few of,  are found in the energy sector, see [...]

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