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Investment Excellence

  • Chantico Global helps Investment Committees and staff to review the long term strategic decisions including capital markets assumptions, benchmark selection and plan risk budgets.
  • We also help investment committees and staff to design tactical rebalancing programs that can both actively rebalance or rebalance upon key triggers such as cashflows or volatility events, for example.
  • We help review investment committee and staff processes to support repeatable results.
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Sustainability Excellence

  • Chantico Global works with investment committees and staff to design sustainability goals using research and analysis to support and guide goal setting.
  • We also work with investment staff and committee to develop dashboards to monitor investments for key sustainability metrics that impact set goals.
  • We assist in progress reporting towards established goals and objectives.
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Partnering Excellence

  • Chantico Global works with asset managers to evaluate asset class fit, key portfolio characteristics and portfolio diversification capability.
  • We also assist asset managers with client universe fit analysis to maximize potential partner benefit.
  • We can also conduct “Voice of the Investor” research to evaluate market needs.
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Research Excellence

  • Chantico Global utilizes a team of researchers to canvass the broad literature around a topic for review.
  • We also replicate and update research methods of interest which can be useful to clients.
  • We also build models based on proprietary linear and non-linear approaches to model building.


Chantico Global Services

Chantico Global offers an innovative approach to asset allocation in the following ways:

Macroeconomic narrative drives asset allocation models
Partnership with premier macro-economic research and strategy groups
Asset and sub-asset class analysis and exposure
Customization with control
Independent, conflict-free consulting


We have built a strong framework to ensure consistency across multiple asset classes using macro consistent forecasted inputs.