Impact Unicorns Podcast: 10-fold Space and Energy Improvements in Data Storage

On this episode Dr. Indranil Ghosh welcomes Bhupinder Bhullar, CEO of Swiss Vault, to the show.

Bhupinder has a distinguished career in genomic research in Harvard Medical School, the Whitehead Institute, and Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research. Bhupinder’s explorations in genomic drug development brought him face-to-face with the challenge of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data.

As Bhupinder uncovered opportunities to improve the data storage and informatics, he realized that applying those insights to improve datacenter efficiency more broadly could produce a billion-dollar business.

In 5 short years, Swiss Vault has developed data storage servers that are able to store 14 times more data per unit volume, and operate 10 times higher energy efficiency than today’s systems. 

Podcast originally aired: 1/10/2022